Warm-up before the Show, May 2013
Students are eligible to participate in the band program once they enter 4th grade. Invitations are given near the beginning of the school year to students who performed well in the general music classroom in previous years. Students who do not receive invitations, but wish to join the band program, must undergo an audition process to determine musical skill. Some 3rd graders are given consideration to join band, provided if they have an older sibling that is in band or if that student has shown extraordinary talent for music in the general music classroom setting.

Saucedo Concert Band, May 2008Concert Band is designed for students in their third year of playing their instrument or students who are techinically proficient to perform with this group. This group is mainly comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Students in this group are active participants in band competitions, solo contests and are involved in outside musical programs such as the Jazz Links Youth Program, sponsored by the Jazz Institute of Chicago and the Trojan Pride Band, sponsored by Kelly High School. Concert Band students in 7th or 8th grade my elect to learn a secondary instrument, but must receive approval from Mr. Ayento first. Students in this group perform an average music difficulty level of Grade 3 (out of 6).

Intermediate Band is designed for students in their second year of playing their instrument, as well as students who are not yet ready for the challenges of concert band. If given prior approval from Mr. Ayento, an intermediate band student may also participate in concert band and will be evaluated to see if the student is keeping up. The average grade difficulty of music performed in intermediate band is Grade 1.5 (out of 6).

The beginning band program is designed for students who wish to learn how to play a band instrument. Students do not need to know how to play a particular instrument in order to participate in this program. This group is typically comprised of 4th and 5th graders and meets either once or twice a week throughout the school year. Students in concert band who wish to learn a secondary instrument are also placed in beginning band, however, approval for secondary instrument instruction must be given by Mr. Ayento.

Saucedo Latin Big Band at CPS Jazz Competition, May 2014
Occasionaly, if we have the proper instrumentation, we also have a Latin Big Band or Latin Jazz Ensemble. This group is reserved for the highest caliber of musicians and has performed twice at the Chicago Jazz Festival in Millennium Park (2012 & 2014). The average difficultly of music is Grade 4 (out of 6).