The Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy Band Program began in 1985, under the direction of Mr. Larry Polk. In the fall of 1992, Mr. Gerard Matthews took over the program into city competitions and festivals, returning with superior ratings.

In the fall of 2002, Mr. Carlos Ayento took over the position and continues to expand the program. Today, the program has over ninety student members split amongst various leveled groups. The band program continues to participate in citywide events such as the Chicago Public Schools Elementary Music Festival, Chicago Public Schools Solo and Ensemble Contest and the Jazz Institute of Chicago's Jazz Links Program.

Mr. Larry Polk currently teaches at Simeon Career Academy and Mr. Gerard Matthews currently teaches at Curie Metropolitan High School.



Fall 2002 to Present


Fall 1992 to Spring 2002


Fall 1984 to Spring 1992
The band program has been awarded numerous, high-scoring marks in both festivals and competitions. The band program also had the honor of...

...being selected as a rehearsal lab band at the Midwest Band and Orchrestra Clinic in December of 2008 with Mrs. Margaret Wilder.
Saucedo Concert Band at the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic 2008

...receiving a special jazz clinic by jazz alto saxophonist Mr. Bobby Watson.

...performing for journalist/actress Maria Celeste Arraras.
Jazz Band with Maria Celeste Arraras, May 2008

...performing twice at the Chicago Jazz Festival (2012 & 2014).
Latin Big Band at Jazz Fest, September 2012

...participating in joint performances with the Thomas Kelly High School Marching Band.
Marching with Kelly Band during Dia del Niņo Parade, April 2015

...producing a jazz cd album.
Saucedo Jazz Band, Live at the Karen Morris Auditorium, released September 2011.

...having many of its band alumni continue to be involved in music through high school and beyond.
Manuel Canchola, Class of 2008, performs at the Bern Jazz Festival in Switzerland, May 2015.